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Not your typical agency.


Great relationships, great insights and great work. It’s as simple as that. Our core team holds down the fort and runs the show but whenever we need help and or expertise, we bring in our creative and strategic partners who are based across Canada and around the world. This way, our team suits the project and client.

We are great listeners (the key to creating great work) and honest, hard-working people. But don’t take our word for it. See what people are saying about us.



No wallpaper.

Only work that works.

School Milk Foundation Partner Video
Social Media, Video
Bandera Bronzini
Branded Content, Packaging, Point of Purchase, Print, Web
Newfoundland and Labrador Young Farmers’ Forum
Direct Mail, Print, Social Media, Video
Canadian Celiac Association
Branded Content, Web
Strong Data Automation
Print, Video, Web
Dead Man Walking – Opera on the Avalon
Print, Social Media, Video
St. John’s International Airport – YYT75 Campaign
Contest, Social Media, Video, Web
Triton Ocean Products
Branded Content, Packaging, Print
Expansion YYT Campaign / Annual Report
Branded Content, Print
2017 Seafood Expo North America
Branded Content, Print

The Ray (dream) team.

keep company with smarter minds and fewer hands.
Most agencies rely on a local talent business model. But Atlantic Canada, while rich in talent, contains a small pool of potential resources. So we start with the best core people and build on them with team members we know and love working with from around the globe. We custom-build our approach for both projects and longer-term contracts to bring you award-winning senior talent without having to pay for the overheads involved in keeping them on staff.

Last but certainly not least, we’re really lovely people to work with. We park our egos at the door, don’t strut or posture or pretend to know things we don’t, and we’re not stuck on ceremony. We rarely play golf. Although we do enjoy the occasional Friday afternoon happy hour. We have processes we like to adhere to, but we know how to roll up our sleeves to do whatever it takes.

Jenny Smith

President, Creative Director

With almost 20 years in the advertising business, Jenny is no stranger to creating internationally recognized, award-winning work. She’s ranked one of the top creatives in Canada and has won hundreds of awards including a few gold Cannes Lions. But unlike most ad veterans across the country, Jenny lives nowhere near Toronto. Or Montreal. Or Vancouver (although she likes shopping in those places).

She has worked on local and international brands including Irving Oil, Air Canada Jazz, Tango, Maple Leaf Foods, Atlantic Lottery, McCain Foods, Sobeys, Labatt, Eaton’s, A&P, Sprite, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Ikea, Harry Rosen, Purina, Crime Stoppers, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, Nova Scotia Tourism, Bell Aliant, Western Union, St. John’s IceCaps, AHL, Opera on the Avalon, Air Labrador, True North Salmon and many more.

She’s a proud mother of two children, James and Mary. And a big fan of bacon.

Most of all, Jenny loves advertising (but maybe not as much as bacon).


Sherrie Reynolds

Director, Client Services

Sherrie is a lover of Newfoundland and all the wonderful things that come from our province – especially the local food and drink scene (if you ever need restaurant recommendations, call her).

Over the past ten years, she has developed a reputation for providing an uncompromising level of account service, partnership and commitment to her clients. So much so, Ray lured her back from the mainland (we thank our lucky stars every single hour). She is highly strategic, buttoned-down and has been instrumental in the development and production of many successful, award-winning campaigns. Clients love her for all these reasons. They also love her because she’s incredibly cool (and really, really nice).

She’s worked on MasterCard, Whirlpool Appliances, Koodo Mobile, WestJet, AdditionElle, Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corportion and many more.

When she’s not experiencing Canada’s hottest foodie scene, she is creating her own masterpieces at home with a fresh supply of produce from her new greenhouse. We want an invite.



Terri Roberts

Associate Creative Director

As Associate Creative Director, Terri likes to shake things up, creating powerful marketing solutions for her clients along the way.

With more than 15 years of experience, she’s helped to create successful campaigns for brands like Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Maple Leaf, Irving, Air Canada, Brock University, Capital Mitsubishi, MINI St. John’s, RMM, The Cahill Group, and Lamb’s Rum.

One of the most decorated copywriters in Atlantic Canada, Terri has won a host of metal bits and pieces from shows like ICE, CASSIES, London International, Applied Arts, ADCC, Marketing, Extras, Crystals, Media Innovation Awards, Canadian Marketing Awards, HSMAI, Atomic, and Promo Awards.

For fun, Terri designs tea towels, drinks rosé, and hangs out with her giant rescue dog Buckley. She’s also recently discovered surfing, which may or may not end well.



Trevor Kearsey

Creative Technologist

Trevor is an anomaly. He’s honestly the most impressive creative person around. When he’s not developing award-winning websites or coming up with kick-ass campaign ideas, you’ll find him in his shed with wood chips flying as he continues to quench is thirst for creativity (ask him about the guitar stands he most recently made – amazing!).

With over 15 years experience in marketing and an educational background in traditional design, Trevor has created award-winning work for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Parks Canada, The Marine Institute of Memorial University, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, Fairmont Hotels, Johnson Insurance and Husky Energy.

Whether it’s a custom made game, a complete social media strategy or eye-catching online ads, he has the skillset to execute with confidence.

He hates mediocrity. And loves perfection. He also loves beer.



Adam West


If his name conjures up a certain superhero, it’s not by chance. Adam (or Batman as he is known in some circles), is a super web developer, and all around super guy.

Before joining the Ray digital team, Adam spent more than six years developing web and online assets for literally hundreds of clients at Steele Communications. His ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment is just one of the reasons he could actually pull off a cape.

A front end and back end developer, Adam knows his way around responsive design, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS preprocessors (Sass), and WordPress. He’s also skilled graphic designer, so his work always looks as good as it functions.

Over and above his day job, Adam has designed websites for local clients like Subway, Seafair Capital, and the Autism Society of Newfoundland and Labrador as a freelance developer. He is equally comfortable working with experienced digital clients as he is with first time advertisers, not to mention a variety of project scales, budgets, and timelines.

While he literally lives in a digital world both day and night, Adam manages to find time to explore his other passions such as playing guitar, mountain biking, and honing his self-proclaimed skills as a chocolate chip cookie aficionado.

Though Adam is new to the Ray team, we have no idea what we did without him. And we know that the digital world is in a much safer place now that he has arrived.



Jeff McLean

Associate Creative Director / Art Director

Jeff is one of Canada’s most talented art directors. To top it off, he’s really, really nice. He’s spent the past 25 years working in places like Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, and St. John’s, winning hundreds of national and international awards along the way. But all he’s really concerned about is helping clients achieve their business goals – and hockey.

Jeff’s strengths lie in the areas of brand strategy, concept development, and execution of design and advertising campaigns. Jeff also has the ability to transcend advertising into powerful social initiatives. Two of Jeff’s projects, Nohomophobes.com and Pride Tape, have literally helped change the conversation around the world.

His ability to take an insight and turn it on its head has helped him get recognized in Lurzer’s Archive, The One Show, Communications Arts, How Magazine, Marketing, Cannes, ADCC and Applied Arts.

Jeff’s credits include McDonald’s Canada, Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, Melitta Canada, Nestlé Canada, City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta, Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, St. John’s IceCaps, MetalSmiths, Pipers, Maples Leaf, and NLC.

Jeff loves advertising in general, and has a keen eye when it comes to design and branding. His package design for the beverage Orbitz is in the permanent collection of the Cultural Design Exhibition at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Not too shabby at all.



Kayla Greene

Account Executive

After completing her commerce degree at Memorial, Kayla hit the pavement in search of her dream job in advertising. It didn’t take long before Ray snatched up the smart, young dynamo, who knows a lot more than she lets on.

One of four children, Kayla was always the mediator of the bunch. These skills have served her well, since she has found herself in between client demands and creative deadlines throughout her work terms at the Idea Factory, Memorial, and Seafair Capital.

As a former Corby’s brand ambassador, Kayla also understands the importance of achieving brand goals through a blend of product promotions, social media, and brand activations.

When Kayla isn’t catching up on all the latest industry trends, she’s either travelling the world with a camera in hand, or hanging out with her massive family.



Courtney Wells

Production Designer

Courtney Wells loves design. And we love her.

A graduate of CNA Graphic Design Program, Courtney is a bright mind with equally bright hair, and a special affinity for the colour purple.

With ten years’ experience in the ad and design business, she’s not afraid of a deadline or juggling multiple requests. Throughout her career, she’s worked her special blend of magic for clients like RRFB, Dairy Farmers, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Mental Health Awareness, RNC, Marble Mountain, and Newfoundland Power.

This ICE Award-winning production designer also loves playing with words. So much so, she started a side gig of putting Newfoundland sayings on stickers and buttons. And she puts her love for typography to good use for pro-bono initiatives like the Vagina Monologues.

A self-proclaimed sci-fi nerd, Courtney is a big fan of comic books, peanut M&Ms, and the Beatles. When possible, all three at the same time.



Dolly Doodle

Director of Chaos

Dolly Doodle is a bright young star with a flair for the dramatic. Though a relative newcomer to the industry, she’s already proving to be a natural in the boardroom, under cubicles, and in the kitchen – anywhere there’s food.

A model employee, Dolly is persistent, inquisitive, and never takes no for an answer, especially when it comes to extra treats.

Dolly brings her genuine warmth and enthusiasm to her role as client greeter. Her creative side projects include office plant digger, watching people on Water Street, and curating lost tissue paper and napkins into meaningful art installations.

Though she’s a busy, professional Doodle, Dolly still finds time to chase her ball, lick empty peanut butter jars, study the fish tank with extreme interest, and stroll through Bowring Park with her squad. She has also been known to steal kisses.

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