Hi there, we’re Ray, a scrappy, tight-knit team of seasoned creative marketing and advertising nerds based in St. John’s, NL.

Our goal is to build a different kind of agency. To that end, we’ve been busy crafting a vision for a brand new web development team. This includes new processes, new ways of collaborating and managing projects, and new approaches to building and deploying them. It’s all aimed at creating the space and circumstances for us to do amazing work we can be proud of. We need a skilled website developer to help us bring this vision to life. 

What You’ll Do

This position sits at the intersection of creativity and coding. Day-to-day you will be the champion of clean and functional code on the front- and back-end (emphasis on back-end, but a keen eye for the front-end is most definitely required). In the bigger picture your experience and expertise will steer how we build things around here. This is an opportunity to create the workflow you’ve always wanted by helping us choose the dev environment, tech stack and pipeline that allows us to do our best work.

How We’re Different

We’re a creative agency. That means we solve different problems for a variety of different clients in a wide range of different industries. This variety means you’ll get to flex your creative muscles, try new things, and have the autonomy and ownership to see a project the entire way through. And the work we do with our local, national and international clients is work that we are proud to share with our friends.

We’re way too small for you to become a cog in the wheel or get pigeonholed. This is a place for people who think in unexpected ways, find creative solutions, and really thrive on being asked to create something new. We expect you to make decisions that will maximize both your happiness, and your ability to help us build cool stuff.

Great work is what drives us. But, what’s most important to us is our people. We’re determined to build a balanced agency culture that treats us to a good day’s work followed by a good night’s sleep. 

Oh and it’s 2022, so we don’t care where you sit.  As long as you’re connected and collaborative and communicative you can work from where you want and in the ways that make you most productive. 


We need someone who writes clean, well commented, and reusable code. We’re not set on a particular language or framework, we want to play to your strengths. You need to bring experience (5+ years sounds about right) and samples of previous work to show us what you can do. Any DevOps experience would be a real bonus.

If you check those boxes, are down to earth, armed with a great sense of humour, and you’re allergic to nonsense, then let’s talk. 

You can email jobs@rayagency.ca