Project Coordinator 

Hi there, we’re Ray, a scrappy, tight-knit team of seasoned advertising nerds based in St. John’s, NL. We’re fiercely independent, strategic and creative, offering full-service marketing, advertising, and communications solutions.

Our goal is to build a different kind of agency. To that end, we’ve been busy crafting a vision for a new project management workflow. This includes new processes, new ways of collaborating, and new tools for managing projects. It’s all aimed at creating the space and circumstances for us to do amazing work we can be proud of. We need a super organized, super collaborative, and super nice person to help us bring this vision to life. 


What You’ll Do

The Project Coordinator will enable our team to do their best work through proper project planning and oversight. Day-to-day they will make sure that work flowing through the agency is completed on time, with efficient use of resources and teams, and is delivered to scope, spec and quality.
They will be involved in EVERY project in the agency. This requires the ability to spin many plates while being ultra collaborative and communicative.

Their key tasks will be:

  • Priority Setting
    • Run status and planning meetings
    • Work with all teams to review schedules and workloads
    • Project timeline roadmapping with team leads 
    • Ensure balanced workloads across the agency 
  • Maintain the Source of Truth
    • Be the primary owner of the Project Management toolkit
    • Update and revise schedules as needed
    • Assign tasks in consultation with team leads
    • Onboard team members and provide support
  • Be the nexus of communication
    • Work with team leads to ensure they understand priorities
    • Make sure all planned tasks are happening
    • Ensure stakeholders are in the loop on project status
    • Ensure required approvals /signoffs are happening at key milestones 
  • Lead process planning
    • Identify areas for increased efficiency 
    • Refine overarching workflow from production requests to quality control 


The Opportunity 

We need your ideas, input and experience to help us become a well-oiled machine. This is an opportunity to help us choose and build the workflow and tools that will help us get there. 

We do not believe that efficiency and processes are their own ends, they are the platform on which great creative work happens. Ray is a place for people who think in unexpected ways, find creative solutions, and really thrive on being asked to create something new. We expect you to make decisions that will result in an agency that has the freedom to focus on what they do best instead of being unclear about what is being asked of them, or rushing to meet unexpected deadlines.



A background or education in managing projects for small teams is expected. Experience in an agency environment, or familiarity with agency products and workflow, would be an HUGE asset. 

Most important is that you are energized by the prospect of driving organization – a natural problem solver, collaborator and communicator. If you’re down to earth, armed with a great sense of humour, and allergic to bullshit, then let’s talk.



The proposed salary range for this position is $40,000–$50,000, depending on qualifications and experience.