Expansion YYT Campaign / Annual Report

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Building a better gateway.

The St. John’s International Airport is a busy place, thanks to an annual growth rate that doubles the national average. In fact, the Airport expects to greet 2 million passengers by 2021. Expansion YYT will help meet the growing demand by improving and expanding the Airport’s facilities and infrastructure. To spread the news about all of the great things to come, Ray developed a headline-driven campaign that focuses on the real benefit of the project – a truly enhanced passenger experience. With nearly double the seating in departures, new food and retail outlets, more washrooms, and a larger check-in area, flying St. John’s International Airport has never looked so good.







2016 Annual Report

Annual reports aren’t typically considered page turners. With stacks of financials, it’s tough to present all the vital information in an interesting way. But that’s exactly what we did for last year’s St. John’s International Airport Authority Annual Report. Extending the look and feel of the Expansion YYT campaign, the responsive design integrated an immersive reading experience with stunning visuals and animated charts and graphs. The result was a colourful, engaging report that didn’t get buried on a shelf.

Check it out at www.yytannualreport.com.