Quidi Vidi Brewery

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Quidi Vidi Brewery  

Located in the historic fishing village of its namesake, Quidi Vidi Brewing is Newfoundland and Labrador’s hallmark craft brewery. They are home to award-winning ales and lagers, including their famous Iceberg Beer. We couldn’t wait to help tell the stories of this iconic Newfoundland brand and brewery by designing some of their latest offerings.


Day Boil

Day Boil is a Newfoundland phrase for making the most of a nice afternoon, before sundown takes away your chances for a good game of horseshoes. Ray designed a fun and playful can to show the stratosphere-reaching feeling of a day boil, perfect for a cheeky time in the backyard with friends.


Open Saison

In Newfoundland’s warmer months, seasonal wild fruits and berries abound. Everyone you know soon becomes a picker, flocking to their secret patch with their buckets in tow. Ray developed the name and packaging design to capture the fresh, hand-crafted vibe of the beer, complete with a mason jar reminiscent of your local farmer’s market.


Three Seasons

Spring in Newfoundland sounds more like the makings of science fiction than reality, so why not make a beer that embraces the remaining three seasons we do get to enjoy? The bright, modern can design of this saison represents the sweetness of summer, the crispness of fall, and the dryness of winter. Which kind of takes the sting out of our non-existent spring.


Bog and Barrens

Newfoundland’s landscape is one of contrasts: marshy bogs brimming with foliage versus bleak barrens dotted with wildlife. The name and the packaging design nods to these opposing terrains and the minds behind the beer, brewer Einar Holtet and chef/hunter Jeremy Charles. This varied collaboration and spirit of using little-known ingredients gives way to a design that is stark, yet enticing, and simple, yet beautiful. Not unlike Newfoundland.