Jenny Smith

President and Executive Creative Director

With over 20 years in the advertising business, Jenny is no stranger to creating internationally recognized, award-winning work. She’s ranked one of the top creatives in Canada, has won hundreds of awards including a few gold Cannes Lions, and has judged every ad show in the country. Perhaps one of her biggest accomplishments was representing Canada at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity where she had the honour of judging in 2009 and again in 2018 – the only woman east of Toronto to be invited twice. But unlike most ad veterans across the country, Jenny lives nowhere near Toronto. Or Montreal. Or Vancouver (although she likes shopping in those places).

She has worked on local and international brands including Irving Oil, Air Canada Jazz, Tango, Maple Leaf Foods, Atlantic Lottery, McCain Foods, Sobeys, Labatt, Eaton’s, A&P, Sprite, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Ikea, Harry Rosen, Nalcor, NL Hydro, Purina, Crime Stoppers, Newfoundland and Labrador Liquor Corporation, Quidi Vidi Brewery, Nova Scotia Tourism, Bell Aliant, Western Union, AHL, Opera on the Avalon, Air Labrador, True North Seafood, Brunswick Sardines, and many more.

After working for other people for 15 years, she took a giant leap and launched Ray in 2013 – a strategic and creative boutique that’s proven to be one of the hottest shops in Atlantic Canada. So far, her team has received many accolades and awards including the Top 50 Start-Ups in Canada according to PROFIT and Canadian Business and Maclean’s, E&Y EOY Finalist, NLOWE Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year Award, ICE Best of Show, St. John’s Board of Trade Winner in Growth and Sales, and various other creative-related awards – all in just 4 years.

She lives in St. John’s with her husband and is a proud mother of two children, James and Mary. Who like some of her work.

Terri Roberts

Creative Director

As Creative Director, Terri likes to shake things up, creating powerful marketing solutions for her clients along the way.

With nearly 20 years of experience, she’s helped to create successful campaigns for brands like Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Maple Leaf, Irving, Air Canada, Brock University, Capital Mitsubishi, MINI St. John’s, RMM, The Cahill Group, and Lamb’s Rum.

One of the most decorated copywriters in Atlantic Canada, Terri has won a host of metal bits and pieces from shows like ICE, CASSIES, London International, Applied Arts, ADCC, Marketing, Extras, Crystals, Media Innovation Awards, Canadian Marketing Awards, HSMAI, Atomic, and Promo Awards.

For fun, Terri designs tea towels, drinks rosé, and hangs out with her giant rescue dog Buckley. She’s also recently discovered surfing, which may or may not end well.

Jeff McLean

Creative Director

Jeff is one of Canada’s most talented art directors. To top it off, he’s really, really nice. He’s spent the past 25 years working in places like Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, and St. John’s, winning hundreds of national and international awards along the way. But all he’s really concerned about is helping clients achieve their business goals – and hockey.

Jeff’s strengths lie in the areas of brand strategy, concept development, and execution of design and advertising campaigns. Jeff also has the ability to transcend advertising into powerful social initiatives. Two of Jeff’s projects, and Pride Tape, have literally helped change the conversation around the world.

His ability to take an insight and turn it on its head has helped him get recognized in Lurzer’s Archive, The One Show, Communications Arts, How Magazine, Marketing, Cannes, ADCC and Applied Arts.

Jeff’s credits include McDonald’s Canada, Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation, Melitta Canada, Nestlé Canada, City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, University of Alberta, Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, St. John’s IceCaps, MetalSmiths, Pipers, Maples Leaf, and NLC.

Jeff loves advertising in general, and has a keen eye when it comes to design and branding. His package design for the beverage Orbitz is in the permanent collection of the Cultural Design Exhibition at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. Not too shabby at all.

Courtney Wells

Senior Designer

Courtney Wells loves design. And we love her.

A graduate of CNA Graphic Design Program, Courtney is a bright mind with equally bright hair, and a special affinity for the colour purple.

With ten years’ experience in the ad and design business, she’s not afraid of a deadline or juggling multiple requests. Throughout her career, she’s worked her special blend of magic for clients like RRFB, Dairy Farmers, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Mental Health Awareness, RNC, Marble Mountain, and Newfoundland Power.

This ICE Award-winning production designer also loves playing with words. So much so, she started a side gig of putting Newfoundland sayings on stickers and buttons. And she puts her love for typography to good use for pro-bono initiatives like the Vagina Monologues.

A self-proclaimed sci-fi nerd, Courtney is a big fan of comic books, peanut M&Ms, and the Beatles. When possible, all three at the same time.

Tracy Russell

Account Director

When we heard Tracy loved wine, we knew she was exactly who we were looking for.

Plus, it certainly didn’t hurt that as a senior marketing professional with nearly two decades of experience, Tracy has successfully created and executed countless national brand strategies and integrated marketing campaigns that have been recognized by the Canadian Marketing Association, Media Innovation Awards and MarComm International Awards. Prior to joining Ray, she spent 14 years at Johnson Insurance as their Director of Marketing, where she – when she wasn’t developing award-winning campaigns –  led their content, social media and national sponsorship strategies. We love Tracy’s obsession with branding, passion for good creative, and her keen insight into the creation and maintenance of strong, trusting client-agency relationships.

And somehow, she still has time left over to be a dedicated hockey mom to two active boys and two black cats. Tracy also loves spending her weekends camping at the trailer. We don’t know how she does it. Maybe it’s the wine.

Chris St. Croix

Head of Research and Development

Chris is a know-it-all. No, really, he knows everything – or at least he likes us to think so. And what he doesn’t know, he’ll find out. A serial-obsessive, he loves to dive deep into wiki pages, podcasts, subreddits and YouTube to get a handle on whatever strikes his fancy – whether it’s coffee, sneakers, or woodworking. And we put that inquisitive nature to work researching new opportunities and uncovering strategic insights that ensure we ask the right questions and find the right answers.

Chris has worked as a writer, copyeditor, designer, production coordinator, and video editor for over 30 years, including projects with Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety, Irving, and Air Canada.

In his spare time, Chris is a pretty awesome baker. We’re all convinced he should try out for Bake Off, but he contents himself with making cookies, pastries, and cakes for us (alright, not just us). And he hosts an annual cookie-themed Christmas party, hunkering down in early December to create hundreds of delicious treats of all kinds.

Denise Seach

Account Director

Simultaneously shepherding multiple integrated campaigns to award-winning success. Whipping up the tastiest baked goods you’ve ever had. Denise does it all. And she makes it look easy (and delicious).

With over 20 years’ experience in the Canadian and South African advertising and marketing industries, Denise has worked with a diverse array of clients, ranging from BP Southern Africa, Bacardi, Air Canada, Brock University, Acadia University, Fortis Inc., the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, The Rooms, and Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism.

Denise loves red wine (not judging), cider (still not judging), gardening, baking, and is a proud, sane cat mom (i.e., not a crazy cat lady). And we love her because she’s a warm, lovely, straight-shooter who’s a dream to work with. We know you’ll feel the same way.

Terry Hudson

Digital Lead

There are cowboy songs written about Terry. Those songs are written by Terry. One song at a time, they tell us more about a guy with a taste for cheap bourbon and expensive scotch.

But what the songs don’t tell you is that Terry is a talented, award-winning web developer with over 18 years of experience working with clients like Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Tourism PEI, East Coast Music Awards, Atlantic Canada Airports Association and Whitecap Entertainment, just to name a few.

When Terry’s not writing cowboy music, designing websites that have won international awards, or enjoying cheap bourbon (sometimes all at the same time), he writes poetry, designs and builds furniture, and chips away on his home renovation that’s scheduled to be finished in 2045. He’s currently writing a theme song for Ray*.

*this part may not be true.

Kate Greenwood

Strategy and Communications Manager

Similar to the crime podcasts that she listens to in the morning, Kate enjoys getting into people’s minds and thinking about what makes them tick.

Prior to working at Ray, Kate spent more than three years honing her public relations and communications skills consulting for industries like health care, oil and gas, natural resources, post-secondary, and public services. She loves finding killer insights that lead to powerful communications solutions for her clients.

A lover of higher learning, Kate has an undergraduate degree in Business Commerce (with a focus in marketing) and a minor in Psychology, plus a Master of Science in Strategic Marketing which she achieved while studying abroad in the UK.

When she’s not working for Ray, Kate enjoys reading as much as physically possible and hiking new trails. She’s also the mother of two adorable cats, Frida and Guinness, who are in a constant loop of battling each other, cuddling each other, and sleeping.

Sarah Park


Sarah has worked at advertising agencies all across Canada. No, literally. From St. John’s to Vancouver, she has created campaigns for brands like Sobeys, The Source, Shaw Communications and Maple Leaf (Vienna Sausage). Her other notable clients include Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism, Larsen, A&W and Mr. Lube. Sarah attended George Brown College, University of Toronto and Humber College, but she is most proud of participating in a comedy-writing workshop taught by a writer from The Colbert Report.

Sarah is a wordsmith pro and has written copy for many national brands. Her wit and ability to say things in a creative way that truly connects with people is why her clients (and us) love her so much. She’s fast, she’s funny, and she’s fabulous.

Before she worked as a writer, she was a chef. And a damn good one too. She loves all food products. This, coupled with her ability to express how great things taste, is a true advantage for clients.

Yi Tian

Full Stack Web Developer

We were sure we’d made the right choice bringing Yi on board when he bought us all sushi soon after joining. A quick study, he knew just how to make us all happy – with food! And we’re holding him to a promise to prepare us all an amazing meal, as his skill at cooking just might have been one of the reasons we hired him. 

Yi is originally from Harbin in Northern China, a city famous for its ice culture, which meant the Newfoundland weather didn’t have a chance of scaring him off, although his love of snow does not extend to shovelling. He and his wife recently welcomed a little girl into their family, and are making their home here in St. John’s now that Yi has finished his studies at Memorial.

A problem solver with a studious nature, he loves taking on new challenges and learning as much as he can about the systems he’s working with. In addition to his MASc in Computer Engineering, he has a BSc in Network Engineering, and is AWS and CCNA certified. He worked as a cloud service coordinator before moving into full stack web application development, and brings a range of WordPress and deployment experience that will be invaluable to our clients.

We just hope that between work, a new baby, a new house, and a frankly intimidating range of hobbies, he can still find time to make us that dinner!

Mackenzie Collins

Copywriting Intern

A Newfoundlander at heart, Mackenzie couldn’t help but jump at the chance to move to Newfoundland (and work with us of course).

Everybody, even the work dogs may be older than her (in dog years that is), but that doesn’t take away from her wicked copywriting talent. She loves coming up with fresh, new ideas and bringing them to life.

Mackenzie is in her fourth year at Humber College in the Bachelor of Creative Advertising program. Coupled with her previous experience as a cake decorator, she’s ready to start her dream career at Ray (and hopefully bake us things).

After work hours, you can catch Mackenzie binge-watching every sitcom and paranormal show in existence or searching for her own mini-adventure. Whether it’s hiking a new trail or eating a new food for the first time, she’s always up for the challenge.

Kyla Race

Art Direction Intern

Originally from St. Catharines, Ontario, Kyla’s first experience at Ray was also her first experience in Newfoundland and we’re pretty sure it won’t be her last. Her quirky personality and affinity for baby Yoda and podcasts can’t be matched (nor will it be).

Kyla has three years of experience in broadcasting, acting, and the arts, and she’s in her fourth and final year of her Bachelor’s degree in advertising at Humber College. Kyla has an eye for detail, is a keen creative problem solver, and integrates her love of the arts into her work.

In her spare time, you can catch Kyla at the local theatre watching all the big hits. Her preference? Everything.

Lisa Hynes

Finance and Office Manager

Whether it is coordinating travel and finances or making sure we fill out our timesheets, Lisa does a bit of everything around here. ‘Finance and Office Manager’ could be putting it modestly, as she literally helps to steer the ship. From keeping the cheese drawer well stocked to keeping track of invoices. Maybe she should go by ‘office navigator’ instead.

Nautical puns seem fitting as Lisa has recently returned home to Newfoundland. While she may be shy about her accomplishments, she counts 20 years of accounting experience in heavy industry in Edmonton, Winnipeg, and Ottawa among them.

Lisa is thrilled to be back home in Newfoundland amidst traditional music and the great outdoors. When she’s not at the office, woodworking, or hiking with her dogs, Lisa can be found watching hockey, going to concerts and festivals, and dancing. Although we’re not sure if this is all done at the same time.


Human Wellness Specialist / Bone Crusher

With nearly a decade of experience studying humans in close proximity, Buck decided it was time to get out of bed and get down to work.

Today, he spends his days at Ray in his dual role as a Human Wellness Specialist / Bone Crusher.

A trained Zen master, Buck can sense tension from 50 feet away (he says it smells like hot dogs). To keep things calm, Buck strategically places himself in the middle of meeting rooms, and divides his time equally between each participant, whether they are receptive or not.

Though he has a complete disregard for deadlines, Buckley never misses a chance to personally greet each and every client, courier, and mail carrier with ample enthusiasm.

He’s also been known to drag his treasured blanket around the office, steal boots and place them thoughtfully in high-traffic areas, and cajole anyone into a quality head rub.

To keep his mind sharp and natural creative instincts finely tuned, Buck often partakes in active play during business hours. His favorite games include ‘Who’s at the door?’ and ‘Get the kibble out of the old coffee cup by pushing it around on the floor with your nose while people Snapchat it until it’s all gone.’