Due to the ever-evolving nature of the institution, it was also one of the most rebranded, undergoing five different names and identities since 1951. And their current brand didn’t reflect the true personality and vision of the growing university community.

How could they serve and reflect all of their audiences, from students and alumni to community and government supporters, spanning their varied history? And how could they be mindful of their diverse culture and incredible history while also keeping the future front and centre?

Enter A Tradition of New – a bold creative repositioning that included a new brand identity program and multimedia campaign.

The new positioning focuses on the future. It speaks to the heart and courage to explore new paths, and to creating a diverse, inclusive community that stretches beyond the shores of Cape Breton. A community in which everyone is welcome.

Because like the island of Cape Breton, the university is all about reinvention, innovative thinking, diverse collaboration, and unstoppable momentum.

After all, this isn’t your great grandfather’s university (you’re welcome).