Our goal was to highlight the very real risks of socializing to an audience that appeared to have tuned out from the everyday health warnings and government messaging. Heading into the holiday season, we wanted to reframe the conversation, and reach the 18–34 demographic using creative terms and definitions they could relate to. To support the new language, we developed an attention-getting, vibrant illustration style, using it across print, OOH, social and video.

We needed to catch young people where they socialized, and put posters in bars, bathrooms, and along George Street. A social media buy reinforced the messaging through that most intimate of devices – the smartphone – sometimes in the very same bars and bathrooms. We animated some of illustrations to create snappy pre-roll videos, and developed a microsite with more terms and definitions, alongside frank health advice.

Popular NL influencers helped spread the message with unique content, sharing memes and TikTok videos that gave the new terms an even more local flavour. It was a whole new way to talk about COVID in NL.

Check them out on TikTok: #Knowvid #CovidOnYourOwnTerms